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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

Synergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

As I have begun writing this blog, I have realized that it, like most things, could benefit from another perspective.

Enter Aimee.

She’s a huge reason I am the yogini that I have grown to be. Before going to a class with Aimee, I had practiced yoga infrequently at 24 hour fitness and had never found a community or was able to commit to practicing regularly. There are many excellent yoga teachers at 24 hour fitness, but I found the classes lacked depth. Maybe I’m a sucker for ambiance and the mirrors/sterile gym environment just didn’t do it for me. Who knows?

Aimee came to visit me and found an amazing studio downtown where I live. Finally having some disposable income after two years of teaching middle school in East San Jose, I sprung for the membership.

I am so thankful that I did. The past year and a half has transformed my whole being. In that period of time, I have changed my lifestyle in an incredible way.

Yoga forges a strong mind/body/spirit connection that trickles down to every area of your life.

Example: Since beginning a dedicated practice, my body has become intolerant of alcohol and other non-beneficial substances. You might be thinking “There’s no way I’m practicing yoga now!”, but I don’t even want these toxins in my body.

Also, I have grown increasingly disgusted with meat. I’m not calling myself a vegetarian, as I will still eat fish on occasion (salmon sashimi is my kryptonite), and I really don’t care for restrictive labels. I just know that I actually FEEL everything I put into my body, and as a result my emotional and physical health have improved greatly.

Back to the lovely Aimee. We have decided to make this our project, because we have shared so much of our yoga experience with one another, and we go waaaay back (since middle school!).

She is currently enrolled in a yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, and will bring a wealth of wisdom and inappropriate humor to this endeavor. I’ll let her introduce herself fully šŸ™‚




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