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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

I invite you to consider letting go of something that you have carried around with you, unnecessarily. Even if it is just something small. Releasing these stories and traumas create space for all the beautiful things in life and allow us to radiate love and light.

I believe that when you spend time reflecting and learning from the “troubles” (I prefer catalysts) that come your way, you unblock the need for these catalysts to occur again. But when you ignore these catalysts, they come back again and again until you make a change. Part of this reflection process is forgiving and integrating your experience.

This isn’t just some new age bullshit. I’m living this and each time I allow myself to let go, my life receives something amazing in its place. In the last month alone, My family (Daniel, Rumo and myself) have been given: a motorcycle for Daniel to find a new (better) job, a trip to the South of France with some of my most beloved friends, and money to finance yoga teacher training. Among other things.

You can say it’s coincidence, but I feel my world shifting as my thoughts and actions become more rooted in my heart center. My biggest challenge, by far, has not been forgiving others; it’s forgiving myself. I hold myself to some impossibly high standards, but I’m finding that I soar a lot higher when I let go of expectation and attachment.

If you are open to creating some space for the good stuff, repeat this mantra to yourself. Really consider and mean each word that you say. Say it aloud. In your head. Write it down. Or don’t. But what do you have to lose?

Forgiveness Mantra:

I forgive myself, for everything.

I forgive everyone, for everything.

I forgive my life, for everything.

I forgive my fear, for everything.

I forgive my judgement, for everything.

I forgive those who judged me.

I forgive those who feared me.

I forgive myself for love not yet given to myself.

I love myself.

I am free.

I am free to be fully me.

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In love/light,



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