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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

Most yoga practitioners agree that maintaining a consistent practice while traveling is difficult. For my spring break, we drove down to Orange County (where my husband’s family and some of our dear friends live) and then on to San Diego (where I grew up) to visit.

During his trip I really tried not to stress about seeing everyone, as I’m never able to squeeze everyone and everything into these short visits. Instead, I just let things happen organically, not really seeking or planning, but soaking up my family and especially my darling nephew Austin, who is like bliss in a cute baby capsule.

I practiced yoga in the sun/shade while spending time with Daniel and the dogs, sparrows, and bumblebees.  I went to a heated class at CorePower yoga with my lovely lady friends and even got up early (9am is early, right?) to go to the gym for an inexpensive class.

The best thing was getting out of my usual studio/routine and just allowing my practice to follow me wherever.

T’was awesome.

Also, being barefoot outdoors is good for you. FOR REAL.

It is well established, though not widely known, that the surface of the earth possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons as a consequence of a global atmospheric electron circuit. Wearing shoes with insulating soles and/or sleeping in beds that are isolated from the electrical ground plane of the earth have disconnected most people from the earth’s electrical rhythms and free electro

—James L Oschman, Can electrons act as antioxidants? A review and commentary.

full article:

Go do some yoga on your bare feet.

In love/light,



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