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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

It’s been a challenging week. By that I mean that there’s been a lot of stress, anger, solar flare, and general lethargy. And I don’t think that it’s just me.

I know I’m having a hard time when everything feels like an ordeal. I spent a good hour talking myself out of going to yoga (I’m soooooo tired) and then feeling guilty about not going to yoga. So I just went to class, even though a large part of me wanted to wallow in my frustration.

I’m not a huge advocate of forcing things, especially if they should to fun and relaxing. But there are times when you just need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something.

Tonight, class kicked my ass. In a totally awesome way that I desperately needed. Getting out of my monkey mind for 90 minutes gave me a renewed, vibrant take on life.

In yoga, the poses that are the most difficult for us are the ones we need to do the most. There is nothing like breaking through your blocks and having things finally fall into place after a lengthy struggle. Half moon used to aggravate me, but now it’s one on my favorites! Most arm balances still elude me, but I’m happy knowing that they will come to me eventually. There is always more to learn in yoga. That’s why it’s called a “practice”.

I hear over and over that we store a lot of our emotional baggage and stress in our hips. My favorite pose to ease this is pigeon pose (above is a modified version). For a step-by-step breakdown:

I’m kind of masochistic for pigeon pose, in that I love the dull, achy feeling that I get in my hips… it hurts so good. As I feel my hips open, I try to picture the discomfort as all the unwanted things I am carrying around with me, leaving my body.



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