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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

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This Sunday there will be a New Moon in Gemini, a solar eclipse, and alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Pleiades.

Here is some info about the energetic shifts taking place, courtesy of Dipali Desai:

“This Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini sparks up new beginnings within the mental energy field and within the mind. There may be potential new ideas forming and swirling.

A new moon phase within the lunar cycle is a wonderful time to set new intention(s), plant new seeds, create a new opportunity, or start a new routine and or habit. You must get your intention and inspired ideas set to go. It is a golden opportunity you don’t want to miss it since it is super-energized by the Solar Eclipse…

Venus is already Retrograde in Gemini at the time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20th. Old or past issues are prominent themes around the topics of love, values, relationships, friendships, networking and exchanging ideas. Past thoughts, ideas, or interesting opportunities surface for you to weigh out.

For some relationships, the weak spots become glaringly obvious and therefore there may be sadness or realizations occurring now. It is helpful to trim away superficial relationships and keep only those that are quality, meaningful and valuable. The retrograde phase is extremely helpful as it can help you sort resolve past issues and clean up the energy.”

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