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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

Photo: Maggie Lochtenberg

It has become quite clear to me over the past two weeks (no longer having my unlimited yoga membership), that I desperately miss the yoga community.  It’s not like I’m super social or that I hang out there much before or after classes, but there is an unspoken network of support that exists between the practicing yogis.

Since I am often working double days, I’ve been squeezing in yoga at home (40 minutes here, 20 there) and today I unrolled my mat and practiced for 50 minutes during my prep period. While this is lovely, and I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, there isn’t the same cocoon of love and light surrounding me. The yoga glow isn’t as powerful.

As someone who lives with a mindset that focuses on energy exchanges between all beings, it makes sense that there is a different atmosphere when you are in a class full of people. Of course, it’s quite possible that not every person is feeling like a little ball of love and light every day, but chances are the majority of people in a yoga studio are beaming positive energy. If I’m having a rough day, after entering the studio my moods shifts upward in alignment with the people in the room.

A lot of teachers have their students chant at the beginning and/or end of class. It is optional, but I always chant along, usually the sound of “OM” (the vibration of creation). I always enjoyed the feeling but didn’t fully grasp the potency until recently, when a teacher had us chant rounds of OM, over again and again while we passed a flame from person to person, lighting each individual candle. It was then that I felt the euphoria that can accompany these chants. I felt like an instrument, tuned into something that was omnipresent. My heart was vibrating with sound. It felt amazing.

Not having my teacher training last weekend (or this coming weekend) has been helpful acquiring my second job, but also tricky because I rely on my spirit siblings, Angie, and Noell to breathe life into me. We have grown so close in such a short period, it is like a family full of people who want to encourage and support each other in becoming healthier, happier, and more confident yoga practitioners.

Thankfully, my studio where I live downtown is doing a promotion (108$ for 108 days of yoga) starting June 1st, and I’m signed up. I REALLY look forward to having yoga as a priority in my daily life. Having a sacred space keeps me sane.


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