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Helm of the Heart

We are the ones we've been waiting for

Recently Daniel and I have been working for a restaurant/catering company. Well, Daniel worked 25 hours in two days this weekend while I was at yoga school. He’s been using his 10 years of fine dining/restaurant/serving/bar-tending/business experience to basically manage a lot of things for them, things that I know nothing about. I’m helping out where I can.

Anyway, the other day Daniel mentioned to me that there is a little vegetable garden growing in the back of the restaurant. There are artichokes, peppers, chives, carrots, herbs, and other things that could easily be used in the restaurant in the food or as garnishes. I thought that is was such a lovely idea- actually GROWING food at a place where food is sold! Such a seemingly obvious connection, but it is rarely done.

Then Daniel told me that when he discovered the garden, he met the little 80 year old woman that cultivated the vegetables and they had a laugh about “how ridiculous it is that they can’t actually use any of the garden in the restaurant”.

Apparently, for food to be “safe” for our consumption, it has to pass certain guidelines and be processed through proper channels. I just about died laughing/crying because this has got to be one of the most backward things I have ever heard in my life. The food industry that feeds us pink slime and says that pizza is a vegetable has to “process” natural food grown by actual people?! This is the very height of an idiotic relationship to food.

How much better would it be if restaurants could grow fresh food right on site? I’m sure it would save costs and it would probably taste a lot better.

I am really looking forward to one day having my own garden to cultivate. Obviously, not everyone has access to resources, but why not build structures with gardens in mind? Why not create sustainable ecosystems that will be cost effective in the long run and better for the people that work or live there?

We could do so much better!




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