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Helm of the Heart

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I recently went to see a chiropractor who specializes in natural medicine, specifically through “Applied Kinesiology”, muscle testing and dietary evaluation, also taking into account lab results and medical history. A number of people I trust and love have experienced significant results by working with this person, and although it isn’t covered by my ridiculously expensive insurance, it was fairly affordable (150$ for the inital consultation, dropping down to 125$ for the second visit, and reducing even more on subsequent visits, plus the cost of supplements).

Dr. Lennox is located in Encinitas, CA. Just having an excuse to go to Encinitas was a huge draw for me, I absolutely love that area and would love to live there. Here is his website:

Anyway, I have only had one session, but what I love most about my experience was the feeling of being treated as a complex human being; what I have heard referred to as a “mind/body/spirit complex”. I do not mean to insult or discredit doctors, nurses, etc., since I pay a small fortune every month for medical insurance, I am obviously someone who buys into that system and sees its value. However, there is a tendency for our Western Medicine to splice our symptoms into discrete “problems”, often solved with unnecessary medications or surgeries. Although there is surely a time and a place for these things, there is a need to view ourselves as a complex system with many overlapping and interlocking aspects that are apparent in our minds, bodies, and spirits.

I went through a long list of questions (on the website you can download all of the forms if you want to know exactly what types of questions) that ranged from my medical history, to my aches, pains, discomforts, dietary habits, allergies, sleeping habits, the list goes on and on.

While I consider myself to be in pretty good health, and yoga has healed my body in a number of ways, there are still discomforts that I continuously experience. Mostly, I want to deepen my own connection and communication with my mind/body/spirit.

After talking for a while in a very open manner, the muscle-testing began. I’m not really sure what to say about this, because it is so hard to explain in a way that doesn’t sound absurd. Dr. Lennox was incredibly professional and explained everything that he was doing. Basically, certain muscles are connected to different organs. Your ability to control those muscles and “resist” against pressure is an indication of the health in that organ or system.

I realize that I am giving a broad but shallow description here, but if you want to know more, I think you should explore and ask questions. All I know is that after this experience, I am starting to see connections that I was not aware of previously.

I am going back to have lab tests done to hone in more specifically, but I’ve discovered that a variety of internal factors (genetics) combined with external factors (what I eat, put on my skin, my environment) are all exacerbating what is most likely a singular root cause. More on that later.

It was so refreshing to approach my health in a collaborative, cooperative manner that focused on simple solutions for larger problems. These different aspects of ourselves: mind, body, spirit, all have such important functions, and none of them should be ignored or trivialized.

Most importantly, you must heal your totality through shared love, joy, compassion, and general silliness 😛




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