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by Andy Warhol

Venus- Andy Warhol

I’ve been on a bit of a technology detox for the last few days. I was sick with the flu over the weekend, and feeling drained of all of my vital energy. I had planned to write a post about the Venus transit before it happened, but life interfered.

The transit of Venus is a rare event that occurs in 8 year pairs (June 2004/June 2012) every 121 or so years.  Venus represents the divine feminine, love and harmony, and its presence in front of our sun is thought to activate and shine light on the divine feminine energy within our earth and ourselves. This integrates with our masculine energy (which is dominant on our earth, currently) and brings about a great balance between masculine and feminine, yin and yang.

There is also a surge of creativity and communication taking place between transits. I think about the previous transit in 2004, which I knew nothing about. I was just graduating high school and although the internet was definitely up and running, it was nothing like it is today. Since 2004, there have been many strides in our ability to communicate as a whole, as a human race. Alternate news sites are readily available to anyone with internet access. I think about Wikileaks and other organizations that have used our technology to expose great injustices and increase awareness among people.

I awoke this morning, feeling reborn. I do not know if it has anything to do with the Venus transit, but I know that I awoke to lightness, calm, and a strange feeling that something inside me has changed. While I was sick and shunning the demands of the outside world, I kept trying to reassure myself that I needed time to allow for healing and integration, and that I was not suffering needlessly.

Lately, when I am feeling heavy or sad, I go outside and surround myself in the beauty that is this planet. I walk barefoot, look around and think about how fortunate I am to be here, at this time.  I try my best not to feel guilty about taking time for myself, to heal myself. I am the most effective when I am well-rested and rejuvenated, and I want to be as helpful as possible to the people in my life.

School is out for summer on Friday, and I am SO ready. I can’t believe I’ve been a teacher at Sheppard for four years. To think how much I have changed and grown in that period of time, and then thinking back to the transit in 2004- it is amazing to see and feel how much has changed. I’d like to think that Amanda circa 2004 would be proud of Amanda 2012 🙂

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Every morning I have a cup of coffee with almond milk and I read The Oracle Report. It’s an energetic/cosmic/astrological analysis and I’ve found it to be very accurate. It’s a pleasant, grounding ritual to start off my day.

Here is today’s reading, just to give you an idea:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crescent Moon Phase

Today is all about what’s in the AIR. The energy motivates us to make changes, although we may not be sure which direction to take. We want to reform things. Listen to messages that are coming in around you. Look deeper within yourself for the change in direction you need. Overdramatizing situations will lead to overreactions, but doing nothing will lead to inertia. As people will want to break out of restraints, it may cause them to become argumentative or overbearing. Strength of character will be what wins out today. The position of Venus continues to ask us to get back to basics and simple pleasures. It is important to cultivate this in preparation for the upcoming Venus transit of June 5/6. Counter any complications by sticking to what you truly value. You can transform any situation by moving into your personal “center” and taking things down to the basic level and moving out from there. This will guide the directions we choose. To do this, however, we will need to slow down, especially when communicating something important. Mercury has entered Gemini, joining the Sun, Venus, and the South Node. Mercury is now contacting the last Sunday’s solar eclipse point, so communications, telecommunications (including devices) are prone to difficulties (especially for those born in the early degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). In other words, the eclipse energy is being re-activated to a certain degree (see last weekend’s post in the archives for more information on the eclipse energy). Again, slow down and keep things as simple as possible.

This is the actual website:

There is also a facebook group that updates daily:!/groups/226589437450706/

Just thought I’d share something that I’ve found useful in approaching my day 🙂



 (Picture/info from

This Sunday there will be a New Moon in Gemini, a solar eclipse, and alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Pleiades.

Here is some info about the energetic shifts taking place, courtesy of Dipali Desai:

“This Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini sparks up new beginnings within the mental energy field and within the mind. There may be potential new ideas forming and swirling.

A new moon phase within the lunar cycle is a wonderful time to set new intention(s), plant new seeds, create a new opportunity, or start a new routine and or habit. You must get your intention and inspired ideas set to go. It is a golden opportunity you don’t want to miss it since it is super-energized by the Solar Eclipse…

Venus is already Retrograde in Gemini at the time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20th. Old or past issues are prominent themes around the topics of love, values, relationships, friendships, networking and exchanging ideas. Past thoughts, ideas, or interesting opportunities surface for you to weigh out.

For some relationships, the weak spots become glaringly obvious and therefore there may be sadness or realizations occurring now. It is helpful to trim away superficial relationships and keep only those that are quality, meaningful and valuable. The retrograde phase is extremely helpful as it can help you sort resolve past issues and clean up the energy.”

(for more info visit:



Tonight is a “super moon”, which means that the moon is the closest to our earth for the year 2012. I went with Daniel and Rumo for a stroll around the San Jose State campus, enjoyed the fresh night air and lovely luna. I felt both energized and grounded by the trees and just being in nature. We hiked to the top of the parking garage to get a nice view of the moon. It doesn’t quite capture its glory on my little iPhone camera, but you get the idea 🙂

Full moons are a time for reflection. They are also a time when our shadow self can manifest, so people tend to feel things more intensely than usual. This is a full moon in Scorpio, which brings things that are hidden out into the open. It is a time to let things go that are no longer serving us.